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The comfort, convenience and beauty of the spaces we inhabit effect our physical well-being, intellectual stimulation and spiritual happiness. As designers, we strive to create spaces for every client that reflect their personality and make their life – at home and work – easier and more enjoyable.


To fulfill these goals we:

  • Design rooms that are functional, comfortable and beautiful
  • Use color to energize and emphasize design choices
  • Repurpose furniture, art work, collectibles and more to create a sense of continuity with the past and make the most of every budget
  • Incorporate the beauty of nature in our designs
  • Create spaces – residential and commercial – that always feel like you!

    About Melanie C. Davis Interiors - Atlanta, GA

Meet Melanie C. Davis

13b8567Growing up on Alabama’s Mobile Bay, Melanie C. Davis, the founder of MCD Interiors, developed a deep appreciation of nature that can be seen in every aspect of her designs – both contemporary and traditional. From a young age, she rearranged the furniture and accessories in her family’s home and credits her love of textures, colors, and fabrics to her mother’s love of fabrics. Other early influences on her sense of design and beauty include the traditional southern homes with sprawling, wrap-around porches and NOLA buildings that were so much a part of Mobile along with the old southern homes along Mobile Bay. She was also inspired to appreciate architectural detail by the elegant décor of her favorite 1930’s classic films – The Philadelphia Story and Bringing Up Baby.

For over two decades, Melanie has balanced a mix of traditional and contemporary architectural elements, to infuse residential and commercial spaces with fresh ideas. She works closely with each client to create timeless spaces that are as comfortable as they are elegant. Listening carefully to their description of what they need, she expertly translates client design preferences into beautiful and exceptionally functional rooms. Her attention to detail gives every project an ambiance that not only embraces the lifestyle and reflects the personality of each client, but ensures the highest level of quality throughout.

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